RemoSens -- A WiFi/WLAN and Wired Network Interface for USB Power Sensors


This page provides all files which are available for download.

Description Version Date Link
C/C++ Programming examples 1.1.0 2022-03-07
Python Programming example 1.1.0 2022-03-07
User Manual 1.4.0 2022-03-18 RemoSens_UserManual_v1.4.pdf
RemoSens FW-Update (written in C/C++) 1.1.0 2022-03-12
RemoSens FW-Update (written in Python) 1.1.0 2022-03-12
RemoSens Firmware 1.7.41 2022-03-12 fw1.7.41.remo

Further information

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